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Satoshi has decided to leave Alola and return to Masara Town, but he can't quite bring himself to tell the others. As Ash announced he would want to battle against Tapu Koko, Lillie admired his determination. In Racing to a Big Event! They part ways when Lillie and Sophocles left Alola as she was on a journey with her family to look for her long lost father while he left to make his dream a reality in Hoenn with his cousin, Moylane, accompany him. Meanwhile, Lana decides to train her Popplio with her old friend Ida and her recently-evolved Primarina. Lillie is mostly protected by Snowy and Ash's Lycanroc while facing off against Clefable who is under Nihilego control and attempts to attack them with its powerful abilities.
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Pokemon Trainer Lillie vs Champion Sun - 3 (NSFW)

Soon afterwards, a trainer named Hapu appears and attacks Ash, thinking that he's stolen some vegetables from her field, despite it actually being the work of Team Skull. Transcription: " Kaimaku! Transcription: " Satoshi, Toki wo koeta deai! Satoshi VS Gurajio! The Start of New Journeys!! Hapu goes to the Ruins of Hope to get Tapu Fini to stop, but ends up with an encounter of her own.
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List of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon – Ultra Legends episodes - Wikipedia

However, when Tapu Fini doesn't appear, Ash and Kiawe decide to battle to pass the time. Lillie, Gladion and Lusamine will also be leaving Alola soon to find Mohn. Dripping Metal Panic!! Naturally, when they do meet up with Olivia, Brock immediately falls madly in love with her, leaving Olivia a bit bewildered. Sorry for the slow reply, a bit in a hiatus because lack of time, but
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Description: When his eyes gazed up, he noticed that Lillie was blushing already and keeping her hands on her hips, having a slightly annoyed expression there for a moment. Item : None. When a strong wind blows Mallow's hair ornament away, Shaymin chases after it, followed by Sandy and Meltan. Get, Meltan! Dia, the mysterious trainer, and Zeraora are determined to continue their fight against Guzzlord, who is responsible for all the destruction in this version of Hau'oli City.

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